Porch and Deck Rehab

When a porch deck is beginning to age and show signs of problems, people often rip out all of the materials and start fresh. While this may be needed in some situations, there are fairly easy techniques that can be used for rehabbing porches and decks. This saves material, time and money, allowing homeowners to have a like-new deck while helping to lessen their carbon footprint. If your deck is looking less than attractive, allow DWD Renovation to apply these methods of preservation, repair, and rehab to have it looking beautiful again.

Here’s an example of an old, unfinished, enclosed back porch before we transformed it.

We did a complete makeover;  new roof, siding, and windows for the exterior.

New electric, wall board, window trim, and vinyl flooring for the interior.


Porch – Skokie

Porch – Skokie
Before and after pics of recent Porch remodeling in Skokie.

Deck Project

Deck Project
The first picture is the old, run down, rear deck. We relocated the stairs and built a new expanded deck using composite materials and stainless steel cables.

Porch Project

Porch Project
The before picture is the old porch with stucco side walls. The new porch is built out of cedar.

Repairs Should Be Carried Out First

The first step in rehabbing an older deck is to conduct a complete visual inspection around the base, studs, corners of the siding and masonry, and beams. It is important to find any damaged areas and make note of them so these areas can be replaced. Careful attention needs to be paid to the supporting structures that come into contact with the ground. These supporting structures are typically the most vulnerable to damage and are also the most crucial for proper strength and support. A good tip to check for rotting wood is to use a screwdriver. If you can easily sink the screwdriver into the wood, this means it needs replacing.

It is also crucial to check the house to deck connections. Screws and screw plates may need to be replaced if they have become rusted. The fasteners should be carefully tightened to ensure they are providing the right level of protection and support for the deck materials.

Cleaning Can Help Restore the Beauty of the Wood

Using a deck cleaner, a stiff wire brush and a garden hose can allow a the wood of a deck to look beautiful again. Deck cleaner should be mixed according to the manufacturer’s directions. It is important to use a stiff brush and plenty of elbow grease to work the cleaner deep into the wood so stains, algae, mold, mildew and grime can all be removed. This cleaning process helps to restore the wood to its original color and remove any old stain or sealant so the wood can be properly conditioned again.

Once all repairs have been made and cleaning has been carried out, the new stain can be applied. Since the deck is older, it will look better with a semi-transparent stain application. This will cover any minor stains and damage to the wood so it looks attractive. It is prudent to apply a couple of thin layers rather than one thick application since much of the stain will end up on the ground instead of being absorbed by the wood. Homeowners should be prepared to purchase more stain than recommended since older wood is often more absorbent. It typically takes twice the amount of stain than is used on the same space with new wood.

If your home’s deck is no longer looking beautiful, you may be able to restore it rather than replace it. Rehabbing your deck takes a lot of time and energy, but it can add a significant return on your investment and equity. Contact us at (847) 322-8848 if you are looking for a porch renovation contractor in northern Chicago, and we’ll take care of your porch or deck project for you.

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